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UNESCO experts share their experiences and tell you about the history of UNESCO's programs in education, science, culture and more.

UNESCO is the United Nations intellectual agency - the implementation of our program depend on the expertise and knowledge of the best scientists, researchers and creators across the globe. We believe in the power of idea and knowledge to inspire people and bring out the best in our shared humanity. Meet our experts and dive into the wealth of UNESCO.

We take care of Heritage, simply because Heritage is what we are.
Lazare Eloundou, Director of World Heritage
The crisis showed us that we need schools, we need more schools, but not the same schools that we have today. A new modality of organising the teaching and learning, a new modality of governing schools, and a new modality of organising remote learning and presence learning.
Borhene Chakroun Director of Lifelong Learning
The issue of biodiversity is vital. Without biodiversity, there would be no life on Earth; without biodiversity, human beings could not live on this planet.
Meriem Bouamrane Coordinator of the Man and the Biosphere program
UNESCO's campaigns matter in order to sensitize the global audience to why it is so important to protect journalists, why the killing of a journalist is actually a threat to the whole of society, to the whole of society's right to information.     
Saorla McCabe Information and Communication Advisor

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